Arbak Chemical Co.Ltd Was founded in 1998 by Ahmet ARAYICI & ÖMER ARAYICI. Nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience in the chemical industry are grouped under ARBAK CHEMICAL name. Our main export countries are Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Syria, Iraq .. Our products; • Bakelite (Phenolic Moulding Compound) • Phenol resin formaldhyde • Hexamethylene tetramine • Stearic acid • Oxalic acid • Calcium stearates • Zinc stearates • PEW (Poliethylenwax) This product has the ability to give us as injection or compression. The addition of any chemical products supply the demands of the customers. We carry all kinds of chemical products on the basis of import demand.

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